Mansión Berninzon

BARRANCO, lima, peru

Ayahuasca Restobar is located in the Berninzon mansion and is a construction of the republican era of Lima in the late nineteenth century that has an area of over 1200m2, a first floor and a second floor with double height. Its architecture is proportional on the right and left side, which means that the house is symmetrically perfect. 

It has high ceilings that insulate the heat and the materials used in its construction provide great resistance to earthquakes, including the 1940 earthquake in Lima.

Its architectural style is eclectic, fusing Republican and Victorian elements. The most striking feature is the symmetrical double staircase, with marble steps flanked by openwork timbers instead of balustrades, these being the distinctive features of the mansion.

The Berninzon family

Known as the Berninzon Mansion because it belongs to the Berninzon family, this being their summer ranch due to its proximity to the sea of the Peruvian coast.

The Restoration

If Barranco houses could talk, every coat of paint would be a new page and every remodeling, a new chapter.

Recovering the Oregon pine, present throughout the house, took about 3 years of constant work. This wood makes up 70% of the main structure and provides a special warmth to each room.