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The Ayahuasca experience

Fifteen years ago, the spirit of ayahuasca manifested itself in every corner of the Berninzon mansion, from the Peruvian Amazon, to awaken its true essence and restore it.

The transformation of the mansion into a restobar was the way to bring the mystique of ayahuasca in every space to turn it into an original, cozy atmosphere with a special gastronomy and cocktails.

This is how Ayahuasca Restobar was born to transport you mystically to a unique experience of Peruvian identity.

Casona Ayahuasca

The Mansion

A restored 19th century mansion with an area of over 1200m2 located in the heart of the Barranco district.

Gastronomy and Cocktails

As an emblematic restobar in the heart of Barranco, Ayahuasca has become a reference point for pisco sour in Peru. The signature cocktails, based on pisco, are mostly made with our own macerate of herbs and coca leaves.


Discover traditional flavours and unique in a varied menu of lunch with a proposal of criollo dishes and fusion from noon.

The Restobar

Accompanying the varied menu of the Restobar, from 6 pm, a series of snacks for pairing where the favorite is the ayahuasca snack, a provocative union of Peruvian snacks.

Tourism and Events

We reach different types of audiences offering services in our more than 10 environments for corporate events, tourism agencies, brand launches, catering, buffets, weddings, birthday boxes...